Teaching a business survey course

A business survey course quickly brushes over huge topics in the hopes of providing a high level view of the business landscape. Motivated by an email I received from a student, this post looks at what I hope my students will learn in my introduction to business course.

Speed Matters

I believe it's impossible to completely dissociate the speed at which we perform a task with how others perceive our competence in performing that task. This post is about how I got blown out of the water, speed-wise, in my first paired programming session and the drastic steps I'm taking to ensure it never happens again.

A minimalist's tutorial on Rails and OmniAuth, powered by TDD

A step-by-step tutorial on building an authentication system using Rails, OmniAuth and Google's OAuth 2.0 (easily swappable for Facebook, Twitter or Github's APIs). We're going to setup a nice development environment, follow test-driven development best practices, and end up with a barebones app you can build on.